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Wenona Beach Nude Saddle Ride

Wenona came with us to Panama as our main riding girl and inspiration for the local girls. We could not find any local girls to ride nude but Wenona had no problem with it. In this clip she rides the beach with a saddle. The saddle helps her go faster than she would if she was bareback, but she cannot go into deep water. She does some fast trot and slow canter down the beautiful black sand beach with the jungle background. All this while she waves crash onto the beach. She lets the horse wade in the water a little. If you like a very lean fit body, Wenona is the girl for you.

Length 14 min 43 sec High definition. Price $ 29.00 USD

Nikki Mae Nude Pony Ride

Nikki Mae is a really cute and sexy blonde who rides both ponies nude bareback. She starts out on Freckles in the corral and then moves out into the yard. It's a very hot day and we spray her and her pony with water to cool them off as they ride. She gets off for a few minutes and sprays Freckles down until he is soaking wet and then returns to the corral to ride the other pony. Brownie is much more stubborn than Freckles and it takes her a while to learn that she must whip him constantly with the riding crop to make him go. Once she gets the hang of that, she manages to get him to carry her full weight at a decent speed. She does not have long legs so she does not touch the ground much.

After a while she tires of the constant concentration necessary to ride this small pony and she decides he needs to be punished. She totally humiliates him by making him lick her feet and insulting him at the same time. All this action is fully nude.

Length 13 min 42 sec High definition. Price $ 27.00 USD

Megan Pony Ride 2.1

So here we are , the beautiful and very dominant Megan riding Brownie both in the corral and out in the woods. She is wearing a skin- tight leopard print lingerie dress which displays every bit of her large but very curvaceous figure. In fact, it is so sexy it barely qualifies for clips4all content. I think there are several of you guys who love the well-endowed girls putting their full weight on the little ponies. This clip is for you ! Brownie puts on a great show. We have him on a super diet now and which includes alfalfa and he is Popeye with his spinach - stronger and more feisty than ever! Megan knows her way around the ponies now after at least 4 shoots with them plus sheep and goat rides. The two of them did well together and Brownie was able to give her a brisk ride with a minimal amount of touching her toes to the ground.

Length 8 min 21 sec High definition. Price $ 12.00 USD

Gee Freckles Pony Ride

Gee is a newcomer to riding who came over to shoot. She had a difficult time getting on this pony and, once on, could not turn him easily. However she did well in making him go fast. Several times she got him trotting using a stick and she managed to stay on him even though she had very little control. She also did well vocally despite being scared. Megan and Gloria brought her to me and they had briefed her well in what to say. SO she gets an "A" grade for effort !

Length 10 min 12 sec High definition. Price $ 15.00 USD

Jen Bareback Ride

This clip ended up part nature documentary. While Jen was riding around one of our ponds. We encountered an otter who had come to our pond because the water was low and the fish easy to catch. I could not resist filming the incredibly cute animal for a minute or so. This is the kind of occurrence that is common on our new location. Encounters with wildlife are part of living way out n the country. Anyway, back to Jen...she had ridden our ponies before and wrestled our sheep and goat. These shoots can be found in this clip store. Previously, I had not realized her skill as a rider. Not saying she is an expert, but she can handle a horse fairly well and did manage to trot while bareback on this full sized horse - Cheyannie - without the use of bit and bridle. We have a lot of well-endowed girls lately and, while she is not in the same league as Meggie, there is a lot of "movement" going on as she trots the horse ! She tours the woods and pastures as well as the pond. She wears a tight top, a pair of shorts and black boots that go halfway up her shins.

Length 13 min 14 sec High definition. Price $ 19.00 USD

Jen Goat Ride & Wrestle

Jen is a lively young Latina who really puts a lot of effort into her performances. She has ridden our sheep before and did well then. So we decided to let her try the goat riding and wrestling on her own. She is not as athletic as Candy, who also did a solo goat ride for us recently, but I have to rate her performance as one level above Candy's. She rode with confidence. The goat made numerous rebellious attempts to throw her off but she stayed on gave it back to him. You will see the goat sprint with her his back a couple of times and do some powerful spinning moves.

After Jen completes two roping and riding sessions, she finishes off with a very well done wrestling bout with the goat. There again, she listened carefully to the videographer's suggestions and threw the goat to the ground three times (although he did manage to fight his way back up on his feet once). She posed for some happy victory poses.

Length 19 min 26 sec High definition. Price $ 28.00 USD

Jen Capone Nurse Pony Ride

The owner has noticed that the larger pony, Freckles, lacks energy. He seems to be sick.He calls the vet and they say they will send a nurse over to do a check up on the pony. The nurse, Jen, arrives but Oh My God what a sexy nurse. She says she will ride him first to see if he is sick. First she rides him around the corral. She does not see anything wrong with him, but she says she must ride him on the trails where he can go faster and must work harder.

The nurse needs to make the pony work harder to see if his heart is OK. So she takes him out on the trails. She walks him through thick brush and makes him trot a little bit. You will see her kick him to make him go and whip him with a tree branch. At one point he bucks her off on the ground. She is not hurt and keeps pushing him. Finally she returns to the corral and tells him and the owner he is faking being sick and that he is really just fine

Length 18 min 17 sec High definition. Price $ 27.00 USD

Meggie Bareback on Cheyannie

We have not posted in a while since we have been in the process of moving to a NEW LOCATION. We now are living on 10 acres in southwest Florida. This location is totally superior to our previous location in a suburb of Miami. We have much more room for our animals, total privacy and a variety of landscapes on our property - including woods, paddocks, meadows and even ponds. The soil is sandy and much more forgiving if a girl falls off a horse.

With the additional space comes a healthier environment and the ability to exercise the animals easier. Both ponies have gained weight and strength and our long-time clients will notice a definite change in the energy and speed of of the rides.

In the process of moving we acquired another animal, a full-sized horse this time - named Cheyannie - a Palomino . She has a lot of experience and comes from a commercial stable where she was exposed to a different kinds of riders. This will enable us to offer more of the 2 girl rides and trail rides.

So this is our first shoot in our new location and who better to start off this new chapter than Meggie - who is the best rider of our regular girls. In this clip, she rides Cheyannie bareback and displays her skill with a challenging bareback ride at a walk, a trot and even a canter. She also gives us some trick riding - like riding lying on her back, riding side saddle, riding backwards and no- hands. Her outfit is a red tank top with a light skirt and she is barefoot.

This ride takes place in our two main paddocks.

Length 13 min 14 sec High definition. Price $ 19.00 USD

Meggie Brownie Pony Ride

We complete the tour of the new location with a high-energy pony ride aboard Brownie, our smallest pony. It's Meggie at the controls again. She starts out in a pasture then moves into the deep woods. She wears a denim mini skirt and tight blue top that accentuates her cleavage. For those who have seen Brownie in action in our previous, you will see a marked change in this little pony. Before he used to stagger under the weight of the girls and did not move very fast and had to be hit with the riding crop a lot to get him going. Here at his new home, he gets a better diet and more exercise. The ground is sandy and so the footing is more secure. Meggie rode him in the old days but now he is a changed beast. He moves right along at a fast walk that is almost a trot. He does a lot of head tossing and tight turns. This makes for a much more stimulating ride that lasts longer too.

Length 11 min 33 sec High definition. Price $ 16.00 USD

Meggie Freckles Pony Ride

Here at hotoutdoorsports we continue our tour of our new location in a different section of the property We have Meggie again , this time on a mount she is very familiar with - the Appaloosa pony - Freckles. Observe how much stronger and faster this pony is in his new location, even in the hottest part of the day. Meggie is in completely control and - of course - she is a very well-endowed young lady (naturally so - I might add !) and you will witness this part of her anatomy in VIOLENT motion as she pushes Freckles into a very fast and bouncy trot !!!!

In this clip she works him both paddocks plus out behind the house. She works him up and down a small hill. later she leads him down to drink in one of our ponds. The water is low now and he gets a bit scared as he sinks into the mud along the shore. We hope to get the ponies and the horse into the water when the rains come and the water level rises.

Length 13 min 51 sec High definition. Price $ 20.00 USD

Megan Nude Freckles Ride

We got Megan out for a nude ride on Freckles at our new location . She is a blonde now and her hair is wavier than in the past. This is a sensuous and sexy clip but she is still her strict self. He is on his best behavior to please her. After the ride, she takes a sexy outdoor shower in the warm Florida sun. This is classic nude bareback pony riding starring a big girl who is also very hot !

Length 13 min 22 sec High definition. Price $ 27.00 USD

Jaden & Renee Double Nude Bareback ride

If you like double riding or nude bareback riding, this clip is for you. There are two very slender girls riding in the nude on a big Palomino in the beautiful Florida sunshine by a pretty lake on a horse farm. It is an HD clip.

Length 9 min 38 sec High definition. Price $ 19.00 USD

Vanessa Lee Giant Horse Nude Bareback

Vanessa Lee is a cute young girl with a very curvy figure. If you like large breasts, thick muscular legs, a big round derriere, Vanessa is exactly your type.

The horse she is riding is a giant Belgian draft horse. This breed was bred for pulling large plows and other heavy work as well as use in war. He is a massive animal of about 2000 pounds.

In this clips Vanessa rides this horse nude bareback. She also takes a shower in the hose in the stable. This is an HD clip

Length 5 min 32 sec High definition. Price $ 11.00 USD

Chloe Nude Pony

Slender blonde girl rides little pony only. 100% nude bareback, Wears sandals.
Some riding crop use. Foot humiliation session at the end.
Length 8 min 43 sec Standard definition. Price $ 13.50 USD

Danielle Nude Bareback

Curvy blonde with big breasts rides 100% nude bareback on chestnut colored horse. This video was part of Playboy Channel's Sexcetera documentary in 2005 on our company. This clip is partially behind-the-scenes footage with the Playboy cameraman and host visible occasionally. Also has a musical score plus natural audio. Girl is an experienced rider and does fast trotting while bareback. Some masturbation and some playing with a water hose . The girl is barefoot also.
Length 9 min 18 sec. Standard definition Price $14.00 USD

Delilah & Jen B Double Ride

An older but still well-preserved woman and a young pretty girl go riding in the farm country of Nebraska. Lots of scenery and romantic sexual play. No hardcore sex or humping but lots of kissing, embracing and stroking. Riders change places and some different positions while stationary. 80% nude bareback with no shoes plus a short 5 min clothed ride with Jen B only at the end. For short periods of time one or both girls are off the horse.There was a problem with the audio during filming and so there is no sound. Can be ordered with music or without. A long video which is best divided into two downloads.
Length 38 min 8 sec Standard definition. Price $57.00 USD

Delilah Young Nude Bareback

Delilah Young is a tall slender girl who rides a dappled grey horse
100% nude bareback with no shoes. She is not very experienced but very pretty. The riding takes place in the arena in a suburban area with limited privacy. She does a number of sexy poses including reclining.
Length 8 min 3 sec. Standard definition Price $12.00 USD

Holly & Silky Double Ride

Holly is a blonde stripper with huge breasts while Silky is a natural beauty with a natural body. Both are very sexy together in this long video. It was ordered as a custom video by a client. It has 4 parts. The first part is clothed riding bareback in sexy Daisy Dukes shorts and small halter tops. Part 2. The girls engage in simulated sex off the horse in a barn with the horse tied up nearby. They are still wearing the shorts and tops. Part 3 the girls get naked and have real sex . The sex acts in the barn emphasize rubbing and grinding their
pussies and pretending that one girl is the horse and the other is the rider. There are many genital close ups. In the fourth and final part , the girls are nude and start bareback riding again and they hump each other as they ride. There are some face-to-face positions when the horse is standing still .
Length 40 min 47 sec. Standard definition. Price $69.00 USD

Jewels Topless Pony

Jewels is a Latina of Lebanese ancestry who rides a small but stocky pony.
This pony is stubborn and behaves badly. It is a struggle for her to control him. She has to yell at him a lot and pull hard on the reins. She wears only a pair of small T-back panties with her breasts exposed. In part of the video she wears tennis shoes and part is with bare feet. 100% bareback riding in this video.
Length 6 min 38 sec . Standard definition. Price $10.00 USD

Joy Nude Bareback

Joy is a classic blonde from the Netherlands with a great body especially her
butt. This is a short video filmed in Belgium, but has many good points. In the beginning , she brushes the horse and then mounts up in the stable and does some sexy poses including reclining on the horse. Then she leads the horse outside and does a few turns around the paddock wearing only a jacket and high boots with no bottom. Then she rides nude both with the boots and and barefoot. Her riding is beautiful. She does very fast trotting 100% bareback. This is difficult and very punishing to the genitals yet she accomplishes it with a natural ease and grace.
Length 5 min 27 sec. Standard definition. Price $9.00 USD

Meggie Nude bareback

Meggie was one of our best regular riding girls. She had a lot of experience and confidence with horses and other animals. In this clip, she starts out riding bareback wearing red lingerie and "thigh high" shiny black leather boots. She is on our horse Cheyannie and they ride through the forest. Later in the video she removes the lingerie and is naked except for the boots. At this point, she trots while riding bareback which is a challenging and painful thing to do while nude. A spectacular visual effect is created as her huge natural breasts bounce and even spin in circles. This is more than you may have thought humanly possible ! In the final part of the clip, she removes the boots and does a dirty masturbation session while reclining on the horse. There is also some Go Pro camera footage shot from the "point of view" angle. So as you can see it is a clip with many attributes.
Length 15 min 50 sec. High definition. Price $32.00 USD

Nina Nude Pony

Nina is a Colombian girl with big curves everywhere. She has big natural breasts with large nipples and big derriere. She rides Brownie the smaller pony bareback through the woods. She starts wearing a tight green two piece outfit and about halfway through the video, removes the bottom and soon after pulls back the top to reveal her big breasts.She does a short standing masturbation sequence at the end
Length 16 min 14 sec. High definition. Price $31.00 USD

Roxy & Stephanie Double Ride

Roxy and Stephanie are two blondes who double ride in a riding arena in Florida. The style is nude bareback with no shoes. The mood here is more playful than some of the other nude double riding videos we have done. There are some male stable hands from next door who are watching them and making comments. The girls are reacting to them in a teasing way. The girls switch places during the video. They squeeze each others breasts a lot.
Length 8 min 48 sec. Standard definition. Price $16.00 USD

Sara Nude Pony Ride

Sara is a tall redhead who rides the larger pony, Freckles, wearing an outfit of black lace bra and panties, black boots and - believe it or not - a Russian Navy sailor's hat! The riding is all bareback. After a few minutes , she removes the bra baring her breasts, which are natural and about C cup. She rides through the woods and does use the riding crop a little bit
Length 8 min 17 sec. High definition. Price $17.00 USD

Sandy Sex on Horseback

This rare and challenging video stars Sandy Knight and Lars riding in a paddock and fucking hard with no condom. They manage two positions and some oral sex and Lars finishes with a big sloppy cum shot in Sandy's face. This is hardcore sex with lots of explicit genital shots and hard thrusting.The entire sex act except for the cum shot takes place while mounted on the horse and , for a lot of it the horse is actually walking. It was shot in Florida with the late afternoon sun shining on their glistening bodies.
Length 11 min 27 sec. Standard definition. Price $23.00 USD